“I like my coffee how I like myself: Dark, bitter, and too hot for you."

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If you’re ever sad, just remember in 1998, Blink-182 went on a tour called the PooPoo PeePee Tour.

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50 days, 20 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Yahoo News: Ferguson police say no use-of-force report exists about the shooting of Michael Brown shooting

100 more days until Grand Jury deadline.

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Asked*Shyly waves hand and asks if you can write a fic where the maruaders and Lily, Marlene, Alice, and Frank are all sharing secrets and one of the girls let it slip out that Lily only sleeps in a t shirt and knickers and James starts freaking out and everyone else is just snickering.* It can be pre dating or post dating i don't mind.


*WAVES BACK VIOLENTLY* It’s pre-dating. I think. THIS IS A FAB PROMPT AND I’M NOT DOING IT JUSTICE. But I hope it’s acceptable. heh

The seventh years of Gryffindor sat in a circle by the dying fire, a comfortable darkness enveloping them. The other students had long gone to bed, and the castle was quiet.

Lily and Marlene sat cross-legged beside the fireplace, the orange glow illuminating half their faces. James, Sirius and Remus lounged on the floor, backs against the sofa, while Peter perched on the arm. Alice and Frank occupied the loveseat.

They’d gone through all the routine topics already, each swigging a bottle of nicked butterbeer. It had been determined that the hottest Ravenclaw boy was definitely Benjy Fenwick, having grown a full set of biceps over the last summer. Have you seen those arms, Lily had gushed, and James had reflexively flexed his own. Not that he cared what Lily thought of arms, of course.

Duncan McAdams and Lucy Song had been the most recent couple to get caught out by a prefect, they’d shared, and Lily had mouthed to Sirius, what about you? Sirius merely winked back, tying his hair into a sloppy bun.

Who is the fittest teacher, Alice had asked, and a chorus of MINERVAAAA by James and Sirius had earned a cushion in the face each from Remus.

When the laughter died down, Marlene took another swig, set the bottle down, and looked around.

“All right,” she announced, “embarrassing things about each other.”

Sirius spoke up at once. “Peter talks in his sleep.”

“I do not!”

“Remember when you fell out of bed at bloody four in the morning, screaming about cheese?”

“That was ONE TIME,” Peter sniffed indignantly, “and you’d stolen all my waxed cheddar.”

Lily threw her hair back with a laugh, and James had to admire the way it looked, glowing in the light of the fire. Well, no, he didn’t have to. And he shouldn’t. He blinked a few times, turning back to his friends.

“Sirius spends half an hour on his hair a day.” It was Remus who spoke next.

“I thought you said it was natural!” Marlene gasped in mock indignation.

“Look.” Sirius raised his hands. “The Scottish rain isn’t good for the curls.”

Marlene rolled her eyes, but Lily nodded in understanding, brushing her fingers through her waves. James blinked again.

“James,” Frank announced, “has taken to wearing cologne. He’s definitely trying to some girls.”

Peter leaned in to take a sniff, laughing in confirmation. James felt his cheeks burn. He wasn’t trying to impress some girls. He wasn’t trying to impress a girl, either, thanks.

“Alice sleeps in the cutest little teddy bear pajamas, even though they show her ankles and she’s had them since first year.” Lily said, blowing her a kiss.

Frank snorted. Alice gave him a slap on the arm, laughing.

“My mum made them for me, okay? It’s not like you’re any better, Lily, sleeping in just that giant Quidditch shirt and your knickers.”

James’s head snapped up, which he hurriedly disguised as noticing something really interesting, so so interesting going on at the back of the room.

Knickers. A giant Quidditch shirt. A giant Quidditch shirt that may or may not have been his, from that one time it started raining heavily during one of their patrols and they had to take cover in the changing rooms. And she’d gotten cold, so he’d tossed her a clean practice shirt from his locker. No, definitely not a Quidditch shirt that would be just right for him, but too big for the petite Lily Evans. Knickers. Lily sodding Evans in some knickers and his shirt.

He gaped at Lily for a bit, who sat with her head down with a glorious flush creeping up her ears. His heart thudded unsteadily.

This girl was bad for his health.

After a moment, Sirius leaned in. “Watch it,” he whispered, jabbing at James’s side.

James looked down, swore internally, and pulled a cushion over the tightening in his pants, looking anywhere but at the people around him.

He didn’t know who else saw, but he wished that a bloody basilisk would descend from the heavens and do him in. Save him from the embarrassment.

Taking a breath, he chanced a look around him. Frank and Alice were whispering to each other, oblivious, Peter was nodding off, and Lily was laughing at something Remus said. Sirius was biting his lip so hard he nearly drew blood, but at least he was holding his laughter in.

I’m safe, he breathed, but then his eyes locked with Marlene’s.

She raised her brows, smirking.


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I have been waiting three years for this tumblr post.

It’s like she’s getting younger.

You forgot one

OMG she is really getting younger I wonder when will she be a new born
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Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

Ok just a reminder to everyone: If you’re planning on tweeting billie joe armstrong “wake up” or something tomorrow, DON’T. The song is about his father’s death and so it’s really personal and treating it like a joke isn’t the right thing to do. Plus he’s asked so many times for people to stop and no one listens so yeah. Please don’t do that.

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Okay, I just realized Voldemort didn’t just plan to kill Harry in Book 4


In all other cases except the Triwizard cup, portkeys only go one way at one specific time. Touching them again does not activate them to return to their place of origin. Also, when Harry grabs the cup a second time, it does not return him to the middle of the maze. It takes him to…

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just a quick reminder that this fugly ass myspace diarrhea scene kid literally raped a girl 5 years younger than him and then tried to excuse it by saying he was raised mormon and never knew what he was doing was wrong

he does say “i have tried, and will continue to try to contact Ania to apologise as i should have done a long time ago. i will continue trying to do this. though this stuff doesnt excuse anything, i hope it goes a least a little way to explaining it.” Also, people make mistakes. Some of them are far bigger than others, but making mistakes is how we learn, and grow, and change. The fact that he was raised a Mormon does not change the fact that what he did was absolutely terrible, it is not an excuse. But he has learned from his mistake. He has learned, and he knows now what he has done is wrong. I’m not a massive fan of VeeOneEye, but arguments have two sides. You have to understand both to win.

youre a rape apologist theres no forgiving these people you wouldnt forgive a fucking murderer would you??? jesus fucking christ
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loose ends // real friends.
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